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Hello and Welcome to Healthy Foodie Girl!

My name is Shawna and I started Healthy Foodie Girl with my daughter Ella, fondly known as Mini on our YouTube channel. Here at Healthy Foodie Girl, we have easy, delicious, healthy recipes and tips that we know you’re going to love!

Our Story

I started Healthy Foodie Girl because of my lifelong passion for food and wine. Before Healthy Foodie Girl, I had a long and exciting career as a makeup artist in Hollywood working with so many interesting people. I love being behind the camera working on photo shoots, TV shows, etc. However, I never imagined I would ever be in front of the camera! Our YouTube channel and blog started organically. I was always getting questions wherever I went with people asking me what to do with ingredients and how to cook them. My daughter Ella kept telling me that we needed to start a YouTube channel, but I was so apprehensive about being in front of the camera. Then she said, “I know you don’t want to be in front of the camera, but you could help so many people.”

About Me Shawna Healthy Foodie Girl
Healthy Foodie Girl with wine.

At that moment I knew I had to take my passion and turn it into a reality. I have always had a passion for food and the whole process seemed natural. Many cooking classes, books, and fun adventures later, here we are today.

Girl Making Pasta

Originally, I was going to be the only one in front of the camera. But, Ella also has a passion for cooking and food. We started filming videos together and now it is the two of us. It is incredible to be able to share this experience with my daughter, Healthy Foodie Girl Mini. We have been cooking together forever and doing our YouTube channel and blog together is an amazing experience.

Our Philosophy

We focus on making sure our recipes can be made fast and with natural ingredients that are easy to find. All of our recipes are easy, delicious, and healthy. The way we achieve this is by eating clean whole foods that are in season. We try to find the highest quality ingredients because fresh ingredients don’t require much. The food speaks for itself. We hope you find our recipes helpful and inspiring on your culinary adventure.

Our Recipes Are Truly Perfect for Anyone Wanting to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

All of our recipes are easy, delicious, and healthy! By using fresh and seasonal ingredients all you have to do is enhance what’s already there. This makes it super easy to make flavorful dishes every time. Also, we have tons of tips and tricks to help you along the way! Eating healthy should be easy and we’ve simplified the process by using fresh ingredients in our recipes that deliver maximum flavor without all of the fat! We have so many different recipes and we know you will find some that you love!

All Recipes are WW Friendly

Our recipes are perfect for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, and they are also perfect for anyone following WW (Weight Watchers). All of our recipes are low in points. I am a lifetime WW member and I love it. It gives me the freedom to have my ultimate favorites which are wine, cheese, and baguette! WW helps me stay in check with tracking and I love the fact that it can work for one’s individual needs. My philosophy is that food is all about balance and moderation, so WW works perfectly for me.

No Cooking Experience, No Problem!

Even though cooking came second nature to me, I realized that it’s not that way for a lot of people. For all of my dear friends who are new to food and don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen cooking, we’ve got you covered! We understand that cooking can be challenging, so we’ve simplified the process to make it as enjoyable as possible. We hope our recipes and tips help you build confidence in the kitchen and inspire your inner chef! My daughter and I are both complete foodies, so we are always excited when our recipes are super easy and taste restaurant quality. We want everyone to find a love for cooking and the confidence to know they can do it. Healthy Foodie Girl is truly for anyone who wants to eat delicious foods in a healthy way.

Food and Travel, The Perfect Combination

As well as our passion for food, we have a passion for travel and love combining the two together. Nothing is more exciting to us than traveling the world and experiencing the foods from different cultures. This inspires us to create recipes based on our travels by giving them a healthier twist and still keeping them delicious and authentic.

Some of Healthy Foodie Girl Mini’s Favorite Recipes

All of the recipes on our site are Mini-approved! I love all of our recipes, but desserts and chocolate are definitely my favorites!

Some of my favorite chocolate recipes are our double chocolate chip cookies and healthy hot chocolate!

Some of my favorite dessert recipes are our healthy pumpkin pie, delicious apple pie filling, and our apple crisp!

Also, I love helping my mom with meal prep and some of my favorite meal prep recipes are our healthy chicken burrito bowl, healthy white bean chicken chili, and our chicken salad with grapes and tarragon. These recipes are super easy to make and we have them almost every week!

Join Us!

We love all of the amazing people we’ve connected with and we’d love to connect with you. We can’t wait for you to join our community!

You truly are the reason we started Healthy Foodie Girl and we couldn’t have done this without you and all of your continuous support.

As always, keep cooking!

Lots of love,